NEOFILIA Market Research focus on Novelty

Society is constantly changing and evolving. Technological advances and new discoveries affect our daily lives and even our decision making. We live in a globalized world, which implies a huge flow of information. We obtain this information in an easy and simple way and offer it in the same way, for example, through our social networks .

This context keeps us up to date on all the news and discovering new travel destinations, new products, etc., and all of this influences our behavior. Are you considering buying the newest phone on the market? Do you feel a strong need to get the latest news or explore something new? Continue reading this article talking about Neophilia.

What is Neophilia?
The term neophilia etymologically means a desire for something new. The term came to prominence through the work of the North American sociologist Everett Rogers. He defined a group of “innovative” consumers within the more general group of “early consumers”. Meanwhile, New York writer Robert Anton Wilson describes Neophilia as a personality type who likes new things.

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